Banana Lip Scrub

Banana Lip Scrub

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Tame your dry, chapped lips with our favorite lip scrub! The sun & wind can be rough on your lips, but our Vanilla Lip Scrub will exfoliate and moisturize, leaving your lips smooth & kissably soft! {as well as yummy to boot!}♥ Listing is for {1} ONE OZ Banana Lip Scrub ♥ To Use: To use simply rub a small amount on lips and exfoliate them for 15-30 seconds then rinse. The gritty sugar and oils will removed dead skins cells & add moisture! **we like to apply lip scrub before brushing our teeth each night, then rinse after we brush! **♥ Whats Inside: Organic Sugar . Candelilla Wax . Coconut Oil . Shea Butter . Olive Oil . lip safe color . flavoring♥ Lip Scrubs are 100% VEGAN!

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