Stars Hollow Spray

Stars Hollow Spray

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Stars Hollow is the one fictional place we all would want to live! Couldn't you see our little soap shop tucked away next to Ms. Pattys or maybe tucked in-between the bookshop & Westons Bakery?! Gah! This candle smells like pumpkins, apples, coffee & wonderful!♥

Room Spray, Flameless Fragrance, Wonderful & Amazing Sprits... call it what you will, our new room sprays will take care of the funkiest funk in the bathroom, bedroom, living room, closet or car! You can also spray a bit on linens, & clothes for a sassy scent that lasts throughout your day! Water . Distilled Alcohol . Glycerin . Fragrance Oil{ If using on linen, make sure to spray at a distance of 12 inches minimum to prevent any oil stains. It is always recommended to do a patch test first on fabrics.} 

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