"Bronzed Blonde" Tanning Fizz

"Bronzed Blonde" Tanning Fizz

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Our "NEW" Thomas Blonde Tanning Fizz is scented with our signature scent Blonde. It is vegan free and and highly pigmented for even the fairest of skin tones. The color is so natural that it doesn't look fake or orange. Being a fair skinned blonde myself I have tried numerous self tanners. I finally decided to create my own line with a very natural color tone, easier application process (no streaking) and enough pigment to cover the lightest of skin tones.

This tanning "Fizz" is a new take on self tanners and here's why... We have customized the consistency to be just like it says, a fizz, therefore easier to spread across your body and blend. There is oxygen infused into each pump which allows the product to glide on smoother. Just a warning though, it is messier than other self tanners, so do us a favor and throw an old towel down before you start. The fizz will drip out of the pump if you are moving the bottle side to side during the application process.

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